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A3 Boost Problem

0120raptor Jan 19, 2014

  1. 0120raptor

    0120raptor Member

    A3 170 hp Quattro. Egr,Dpf delete,Remapped .First 2 months car went really well,loads more torque and economy as well.However one day it started to miss at 2000- 2400 rpm at anything over half throttle and has done ever since.It feels like the ecu is cutting back on fuel and then injecting the correct amount every half second.It`s on off on off on off till it gets past 2400 then it`s ok again.If I accelerate slowly past 2400 then boot it, it`s ok.Seems to be happening at point of maximum torque.Changed fuel filter (old one nice and clean),changed N75 , disconnected MAF all of which made no difference.No lights on dash , VCDS shows all ok. Torsion value 0*. Vanes on turbo nice and free.Turbo actuator holds vacuum all day long. Checked all vacuum pipes.Thought possibly MAP/TEMP sender G31 ,G42 which so far I haven`t changed.Anybody any ideas?

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