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a3 bluetooth to concert

vinceemmery Nov 28, 2007

  1. vinceemmery

    vinceemmery Member

    hi i have an a3 54 plate i have the nokia car kit in it the one for the pop port phones and it shows phone on the concert hu when in use . question is what do i need to convert this to bluetooth so that the call will still come through the speakers and not the supplied little speaker box that comes with the nokia bluetooth kit many thanks
  2. Issac Hunt

    Issac Hunt Active Member VCDS Map User

    You need the full Audi bluetooth kit, comprising control box, Bt antenna, Mic and wiring. Available on Ebay and from Kufatec in Germany. Or from Audi, although they wont sell it as a complete kit.

    Part numbers here

    Kufatec BT kit here

    Ebay BT kit here

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