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A3 battery drain (mileage display at fault?)

skanky Nov 27, 2011

  1. skanky

    skanky Member

    i've been having a battery drain issue of late on my 99 A3 and have something pointed out to me..

    when i turn the ignition off, the illuminated display that shows mileage goes off (as it should) but then when i remove the key, the red mileage comes back on and even when i arm the alarm, the mileage is still illuminated!

    its probably not a big drain but it could explain the battery issues when the car has not has constant use.

    at the moment, to get around this i have to insert the key again and turn it to the point where the electrics come on but the engine doesn't start, then remove it. at that point, its fine. but of course without prolonged monitoring, i can't tell if this is the cause or not!

    normally i don't take notice of this, and i arm the lock whilst walking away but since being told, its been consistently been happening. anyone know what is possibly the fault here?

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