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A3 AUM - anything better than a forge TIP

Metro Mar 30, 2012

  1. Metro

    Metro Error

    Hi guys, getting bits ready for a remap so im looking for a TIP and dp. I'm looking at the forge TIP but im not sure if there's anything better for the lowly k03s.
    On a side note, is doing the sai delete and n249 bypass worth doing/what does it do exactly I still don't fully understand after reading the how to threads as to the benefits. Does it matter if they are before or after a remap?

    Thanks alot!
  2. ChaddyA3

    ChaddyA3 Member

    *Bump - Hope for some good answers buddy, been wanting to know the same :) Cheers
  3. Markeyboy

    Markeyboy Fan of the R-Tech!

    I fitted a eBay TIP, was very cheap, around £40. Looks well made and even comes cheekily stamped up as samco lol, easy to fit and seems to perform well, as per what people are describing with the forge one fitted,

    Turborevs 3" downpipe and de-cat is well worth the money IMO
    Spool up is much quicker and alot more free flowing, and very easy to fit

    N249 bypass was good, don't think it something to do before you get it mapped, does make the general driving alot crisper and sharper
  4. Metro

    Metro Error

    Thankyou very much for that! I'm going to get stuff bought next week, just had to buy new brakes lines as there's a droplet of fluid that keeps appearing, hel braided lines were cheaper so why not!

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