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A3 audio upgrade : Who has done what

imported_officedog Sep 2, 2004

  1. I am going to be picking up my new a3 next week, it has the symphony bose setup. Now i have searched in this and other forums about upgrading and found out the generally its a pain in the ass. My current car has a very good SQ setup in it and I would like, over time, to replicate this in the new a3. There are a few issues i have noticed already. The location of the current mids are hidden behind what i can only class as a horrible grill. Im surprised much sound comes out of it and when people moan about the quality, it doesnt surprise me. Has anyone changed the grills in theirs?

    Ive also read that changing the double din unit could possible be done, but aftermarket adapters dont match the dash colour. Has anyone found a good one or know if audi themselves do one. I dont really care about the cost within reason, but just looking for the best match. My current HU is single din and would like to put that in. Alternatively, I will leave the standard unit where it is for stealth and locate my HU in the dash or something (pain in the ****, but what can be done). This can then be wired in using extra cables from batt/earth/remote and then fed straight into boot for amps. I would then have to run some new speaker cables to the current locations, but leave the standard wiring available for when I sell it.

    Anyone done anything like this?

    I currently have 4 amps/sub/3way/active, but would go down to 2 amps/sub/3way/passive ot even 2 way. But after listening to the standard setup, i know its going to have to go.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. richy

    richy Member

    the new a3 is great for fitting new equipment in it..

    loads of room under the carpets.. audi have made a huge tunnel where they use the current wiring loom.. you can fit loads more stuff down there..

    also the facia you need audi do if you goto parts.. matches colour and its a great fit!

    dont worry mate... for once this cars on your side..

    the only thing u will need to do is create speaker brakets for the speakers in the door as no company makes them yet.. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
  3. great. When you say goto parts. do you mean on here or audi parts?

  4. richy

    richy Member

    audi parts mate..

    i got the fasic surround for a single din for under £4 which is alot ceaper than any aftermarket company...

    so dont think the double din will be that much more..

  5. Hmm. Ive been told by audi that its not a simple job with the double din unit and more than the fascia adapter are required. They are currently finding out what bits i need and will give me cost then.
  6. richy

    richy Member

    tis as simple will be the similar to the golf

    you will need a facia that will go arouind a double din and then a single din blanking plate and then a single din slot....

    very simple .. but they like to make things hard..

    and u best ring them cos audi never ring ya back.. think its in their customer service! lol

    they also tried to tell me that the standard stereo is the best there is...

    humm.. better that a £4k plus setup.. dont think so...

  7. Officedog did you manage to find a double din fascia adaptor to fit your single din stereo? I also need to find this part or a workaround

  8. imported_wynnema

    imported_wynnema Guest

    I bought my s-line without BOSE because although better than standard it is nowhere near as good as aftermarket kit. I have the 6 disc in dash so kept that. I wanted something dicreet and a removable sub. All in all I spent £700 with a well respected audio place in Preston and they fitted 6" focal components in the front doors a JL Audio 4 channel amp and a 10" JL sub in the boot. Other than a bit of dynamat to secure the componenets to the door that was it. The middle speaker on the dash was disconected because it draws the sound to the front, the a-pilar tweeters were left and the rear speakes provide a bit of fill. its a fantastic setup that takes up next to no space in the boot and is loads better than the BOSE. Plus you can keep the kit when you change cars.
  9. Eeef

    Eeef Lord of War

    I've got an S-line with a single din which I've then bought an adaptor for a fitted a 60gb Dension DH100ix mp3 player.

    However, if you wanted to swap your double din setup for my single din I wouldn't be aversed as I quite fancy the idea of retrofitting the satnav. Still got the origianl Audi Concert 2 stereo as well....

    PM me if interested.

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