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A3 airbag wiring schematic

c0kecan Jul 7, 2010

  1. c0kecan

    c0kecan Member VCDS Map User

    Need to investigate intermittent fault with lateral crash sensor.
    Has anyone got the wiring layout for this and location of airbag control module. So I can find both ends of the cable

    Thanks in advance
  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    what year & model is it? Intermittent faults are often the connectors.
  3. c0kecan

    c0kecan Member VCDS Map User

    Feb 2004 A3 (8P)

    need to find far end connector and how to get to it thats all, can get to the one in the pillar beneath the seatbelt
  4. c0kecan

    c0kecan Member VCDS Map User

    Does anyone know how to remove the centre console to acces the airbag control unit infornt of the gearstick

    BACKSTEP New Member

    Its well fwd of the gearstick right up to the bulkhead on the floor held in place by 3x 10 mm bolts. if you remove the screws that hold the trim covers in place footwell area you can bend the cover back and access the nuts 2 on one side 1 on the other,but you have to first be careful not to bend a crease in the trim cover, have lots of patience as you only get limited spanner turns and be careful with the multiplug it has a saftey lock to keep it securley in place.or you could take out the console completley but its still fiddely.
  6. c0kecan

    c0kecan Member VCDS Map User

    I bought a can-bus lead from bestofferbuy.com (£22) and it arrived today. ran vag.com and got

    Address 15: Airbags Labels: 8P0-959-655-84.lbl
    Part No SW: 8P0 959 655 F HW: 8P0 959 655 F
    Component: Airbag 8.4ED H01 0130
    Coding: 0011602
    Shop #: WSC 06435 000 00000

    1 Fault Found:
    01739 - Crash Sensor for Front Airbag; Pass. Side (G284)
    011 - Open Circuit - MIL ON

    the part number it shows is different to the one i took out and replaced ( 4BO 959 643 E) EDIT ** its the ecu module not the sensor.

    an open circuit is no circuit itake it so the connector is eiher fooked or needs cleaning. it suggests trying to swap the passenger side with the drivers side to see it the fault changes so will try that and see where it goes.

    Had the centre console out at the weekend, boy was it fiddly. did not take out the control module.

    will wait til weekend now as working so i can get the module out and test the cable. BTW whats the best way to test the cable?
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2010
  7. MrSmithr

    MrSmithr Member


    Didn't want to necro an old thread but did you get this sorted?

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