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a3 air conditioning compressor

danphipps Apr 15, 2012

  1. danphipps

    danphipps New Member

    Thought i was going to be buying a new air conditioning compressor turns out i was able to fix it ok what was happening was i had 9volts in to the back of the air con pump sufficent gas in the system but no air con, took a closer look and the pulley was spinning but not the bolt in the middle. Historically the clutch is always on the pulley end but with the a3 the clutch is built in to the back of the compressor, so basically this means this bolt in the centre should be turning all the time, turns out the splines had gone so i welded the bolt in the centre to the pulley and guess what it all works switches on/off nice and cold very pleased and best of all was free.
  2. JtB

    JtB New Member

    Hi Dan.

    Thanks for this info. I am having exactly the same issues.

    Please can you enlighten me as to how you managed to gain access to the bolt on the pulley to weld it?


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