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A3 8v 3door 1.8 Tfsi Manual

ChrisJL Feb 9, 2013

  1. ChrisJL

    ChrisJL Member

    Hi Stoke Audi,

    I know this isn't a parts enquiry but I thought I'd give it a shot.
    Dropped a couple of mails through to you guys but not heard anything so not sure whether my e-mails are reaching you.

    Can you find out and advise whether the new A3 8v 3 door S-Line trim is still available to order the 1.8 TFSI engine with a 6 speed MANUAL gearbox? I'm very interested in this engine / transmission combination but its not longer on the online configurator although it remains in the online brochure.

    Your my local dealer but I wanted to find out if this engine & transmission is available still / yet before finding time to pop down.

  2. stoke_audi

    stoke_audi Active Member

    Hi Chis

    enquired with sales and they say
    yes the model you have enquired about is currently still available


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