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A3 8P3 1EL 009 648 39 Headlight Bi Xenon (LHD)

BenC00 Apr 8, 2014

  1. BenC00

    BenC00 Member

    Brand new and boxed genuine Audi A3 8P3 Left Hand Drive headlight / headlamp (right headlamp) for sale.

    £230 including postage.

    Genuine reason for sale, I purchased this from Audi 12 months ago to convert the headlights on my 2009 A3 to LHD drive to pass local laws in the Czech Republic but in the end the conversion was not required.

    Hella Part Number:
    LHD Right Headlight: 1EL 009 648 39

    Equivalent Audi Part Numbers:
    LHD Right Headlight: 8P0 941 003 AM, 8P0 941 029 AM, 8P0 941 029 BE.

    Any questions, please PM me.


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