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a3 8p non bose installation help!

crispy May 20, 2009

  1. crispy

    crispy New Member

    Hi to all, i have an a3 8p tdi s line 170 and wish to upgrade the speakers. i have the non bose system with the concert h.u which i have to say i quite like. what i have already bought and wish to now install is rainbow comp speakers upfront and a pioneer sub in the boot. the sub is an enclosed sub with amp built in - forget the name but it is the one thats super thin and non scratch/space saving thingy. what i would like to ask is anybody's advice or pointers on installing this equipment. can i use exsiting speaker wire? is there already the wiring in the boot from the oem sub? any tips before i make silly mistakes. cheers, chris. - oh by the way i have searched high and low on this forum and havent found to much info, before some of ya slate me for being lazy- lol.
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    this thread should give you a lot of the info you need.
    If you're replacing speakers and adding a sub then really I'd recommend using proper wiring and not linking into the hopeless Audi rubbish (although it is possible). You can pick up a feed from the HU to the sub on the sub connector and the rear speakers are on there as well as the sub amp drives both, but you'll need to run power for the new active sub so might as well run an RCA cable and new speaker cable at the same time. You will need a pre-out adapter for the HU as it uses a non standard connection but then you can run a proper RCA to feed the sub.

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