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A3 8P halogen headlamps swap to single xenon only is it really swap + plug and play?

thebedscompany Feb 4, 2012

  1. thebedscompany

    thebedscompany Member

    Hi guys really sorry to bother you, but i think this is the only place that can I’ve me a solid answer with regards to a xenon conversion.

    I have 2006 Audi a3 tdi with halogen headlamps i also have Audi 2005 3.2 Quattro which has just been diagnosed with a stretched timing chain so i want to take off the single xenon headlamps off it before I sell it for a very low price

    I have read too much contradicting information.

    1. Are they plug and play in the sense will my halogen OEM harness fit straight on to the xenon’s and will everything work fine (manual headlight adjuster from inside the car), or do i really need to get one of them khauftec adapter (which i don’t think is necessary as these headlamps are not bi-xenon)

    2. I have read on some threads about swapping over the motors from the halogen as it is claimed that the manual adjuster in the car will not work? Is this really necessary because then it just becomes a pain as you have to snap a few plastic tabs to get them into the xenon housing this cannot be right, I am sure you no guys know best.

    3. Will the halogen headlamps I have fit straight into the car that previously had the single xenon’s, and would again be just be plug und play?

    4. Lastly would the computer vag need coding on both cars, I don’t understand this concept as both the halogen and the single xenon run on a power connection of 12v so i wouldn’t understand how the computer would trip into thinking anything has changed, i can under if it was bi-xenon as the high beam function would not work due to the release not being connected to main box which you need the extra wire on the adapter for,

    In the case of Single xenon to halogen or vice-versa I don’t know why this would be necessary as the current voltage is the same and (if the connections are the same) should be no issue

    I just want to swap the headlight in both the cars and plus the harnesses in and want them to work with the full function, single xenon in my tdi with manual adjuster from inside the car and halogens into the 3.2 with auto levellers still working in on the halogen headlamps

    sorry for banging on any information regarding the single xenon conversion would be really helpfull

    i know all about headlight washers and the auto levelling system being a legal requirement which i am not too interested in as once the xenon's are on i will be keeping the headlights clean every-time i think they are dirty, in regards to the to auto levelling i wil always keep them on number 3 setting to the floor for no conflict, legality is a tricky just take Japanese imports as an example Honda s2000 from Japan have xenon's but no headlight washers yet it still passes ESVA by vosa yet they pass and there driven on the roads, in terms of levels then just keep to the lower setting and no conflict while still more light then the standard halogen

    thanks you very much for reading's any help or info is much appricated NADS
  2. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    Xenon Headlights, Adaptive Modules (if your chosing adaptive), Bumper with Headlight Washers, Levelling, Headlight Washer system, plus tons of wiring, plus the installation and coding. This job costs thousands, not hundreds.
  3. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Question 1 - No
    Question 2 - xenons are not allowed to be adjusted by the driver
    Question 3 - don't know but VCDS would be required
    Question 4 - VCDS would be required - you obviously do not understand the technology !

    Regarding the comment about 'I will keep them clean' then I presume that every mile and a half in these current conditions you will stop and clear the lenses !!

    Forget it mate - you can't do it legally.
  4. BlueSpark

    BlueSpark 6th Gear

    Single xenons are plug-and-play with VCDs coding. The xenons would need to be set to level using VCDs on another vehicle fitted with autolevelling to ensure they are level. then you can manually adjust them once on your vehicle. The existing level controls inside the car wont work.
  5. thebedscompany

    thebedscompany Member

    Right guys I will be given this a go on Monday, we will see what happens, I have an Audi specialist to hand if I need to the vagcom bit so that’s not a problem my only issue was that i don’t want to mess about with the adjusting level motors inside the housing, not interested in breaking lugs to swap them or over cutting the connectors off them like another thread states.

    I have done this type of swap once before and Renault Clio took the headlamps of a Clio sport and swap them straight on to standard Clio and that was it! The manual headlight adjuster inside the car still worked with the xenon and I could move them up and down without a problem.

    In regards to the headlight washer remark?

    I wonder why Japan has no laws requiring their cars to have washers with xenon’s. Maybe the weather is better there or may be there roads are cleaner right? OR MAY BE IT’S THE FACT THAT THEY DONT HAVE TO FOLLOW A EUREOPEAN DIRECTIVE , DICTATIN ON WHAT IS SUITABLE FOR EUROPEAN ROADS.

    COMING TO THE auto levellers, I think it’s a flawed concept as the motors work to slow to react the sensors on the car, example going over a speed hump by the time the motor starts adjusting itself you already off the speed hump and it just start to revert back to flat setting, same goes for driving up hill/ downhill at speed, ever wonder on a hilly motorway what causing that glare in your rear view mirrors from a distance and once its close up behind, you realise its Range rover LOL YEA THAT'S AWESOME AUTOLEVELLERS Right?????? Thank god for the auto dimming anti glare options on the car LOL.....

    Anyway thank you for the input
  6. leach76

    leach76 Member

    Jap cars that havnt got headlamp wash have got HID headlamps and not xenons,the beam and lamps are different
  7. thebedscompany

    thebedscompany Member

    Hi guys just an update the swap was simple all plug and play no harness needed if your converting to single xenon’s, without coding the lights they will flicker and show both low beams out on the dash, however if you can’t code straight away there is away to bypass the system just turn the ignition on wait for the lights to warm up before starting the car roughly 20 seconds
    Anyway thanks to C_W you on the forum he told me how to code them so used my friend’s vagcom machine and did myself.

    Link shows how to code them

  8. MilkDawg

    MilkDawg Member

    Would this be the same for putting Xenon Headlights with LED DRLs on a 2010 8P3?

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