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A3 8P Buying Advice?

danA3T Jul 17, 2007

  1. danA3T

    danA3T Member

    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently the very happy owner of a 99 Audi A3 1.8TS which I've been thinking of 'upgrading' to a similarly spec'd new-shape A3 (the 8P chassis)

    I wonder if those more in the know of me could shed some light on the following for me....?

    - What model of 8P will offer similar performance/economy/spec to my 1.8TS?

    - What items are essentials/nice-to-have's on the spec list when looking 2nd-hand?

    - What can I expect to pay for something like an 03 to 05?

    - When did they start fitting double-DIN audio set up's to the 8P A3? I ask as I'd love to do the RNS-E upgrade when I next had some cash around.

    - Looks: I'm definatley after the sport look rather than the SE-type styling

    - I'm not yet 25 so I can't go too mad (I'm thinking 3.2!) as insurance will become daft.

    - I'm in Leeds, West Yorks - can anyone recommend any sellers of good second-hand A3's?

    Apologies for all the questions, but I thought this'd be the right place to look for for answers.

  2. stevehsv868

    stevehsv868 Unofficial Audi UK Endurance Test Driver

    for me its the 2.0 TFSI , or if its economy your after 2.0 TDI

    I have a 2.0 TDI S LINE DSG ( high miles hence DIESEL ) and I think its fantatstic, the 2.0 TDI is reasonable in standard tune, but it needs to be remapped,

    Ive had a superchips bluefin, and it has transformed the car, im very impressed, performance is excellent and I still get great economy (with careful driving)

    and if its petrol you want, its got to be the 2.0 TFSI ( if 3.2 is out of the question )

    as for spec, I would go for centre arm rest, cruse, lumber, multi function steering wheel.

    as for S line or Sport, the S line has very stiff suspension, personally you need to test drive some and see what you think , I prefer handeling to comfort

    as for the DSG gearbox , I love mine , but somepeople hate it like "bowfer" as ive said before go and test drive some to find out what you like.

  3. OutLore

    OutLore VOIP Dude

    I presume you are looking at a pre-owned car?

    If that's the case, then test drive new cars to make sure you like the major components - DSG box, 2.0TFSi engine etc, then look for a suitable pre owned car.

    As has been said, DSG is a matter of opinion whether you like it or not - I have had 2 A3's with it, a 2.0TDi(140) and a 2.0TFSi. For me, it's a good combination, but be aware of it's "manual" limitations. Finding a pre owned car with it and the right engine may take some time, hence me saying go for a test drive in a new car from a dealer first - you might hate it and therefore can rule it out as an option before you start looking.

    Good luck in your search, let us know how you get on!
  4. mfspen

    mfspen Member

    I've had 1.8T A3's in the past, and the 2.0T FSI is roughly comparable on economy. I get 28-30mpg on short runs, and up to 37mpg on long trips. Take off about 3-4mpg for quattro.

    Performance, refinement and flexibility of the 2.0T is leagues ahead of the old 1.8T.

    As someone else mentioned, the S-Line suspension is very hard on the 3-door, but a lot more comfortable on the Sportback.
  5. danA3T

    danA3T Member

    I never even thought about DSG! I've only ever really considered manual as I wasn't keen on a beemer I drove with the flappy-paddle gearbox. Might be worth test-driving a new one before I go shopping used.

    TDI sounds good - though what versions offer the best balance of performance/economy?
  6. stevehsv868

    stevehsv868 Unofficial Audi UK Endurance Test Driver

    TDI sounds good - though what versions offer the best balance of performance/economy?[/quote]

    140 TDI returns about 50mpg
    170 TDI returns about 44mpg

    superchips bluefin 140 TDI......................................187 hp
    superchips remap (no bluefin avalible) 170 TDI ...........201 hp

    lots of people rate the 170 the best, but i had a 170 TDI as a courtesy car, and i wasent that impressed compared to my superchipped 140 TDI, I found the 170 to have a noticable turbo lag similar to my old golf 130.

    personally go for some test drives, and decide for yourself, everyone has differnt opinions.

  7. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    140 TDI returns about 50mpg


    Only if driven like a nun.
    Low 40's is more realistic.
    Oil consumption varies wildly on the tdi engines and,to a lesser extent,the petrol engines too.
    You'll never know if you get an oil tight one or a heavy drinker until you get it.
    There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it,just wildly varying build tolerances.
    Some don't burn any,some can go through a pretty expensive litre of oil every couple of thousand miles.
    I bet there isn't a dealer in the land would tell you that !
    Best case scenario,you get a good one.
    Worst case scenario,be prepared to spend £15 a litre on oil every 2-3 thousand miles.

    (cough.....avoid DSG..it sucks....cough..)
  8. stevehsv868

    stevehsv868 Unofficial Audi UK Endurance Test Driver

    sorry bowfer i was quoting www.parker.co.uk mpg figures , not actual driving mpg
  9. dkelly

    dkelly Member

    I'm with Bowfer. Low 40's, the rest is a lie, and I do loads of motorway miles.

    In fact I have to say after may years of VW and Audi ownership I am coming around to bowfer's way of thinking on all things VAG:faint:. Considering my wife had an Alfa Spider, I am in agreement there as well. As many things have gone wrong with my Audi as did her ALfa and her's was older, plus you felt better in the Alfa.

    Back to the plot, I bought a 04 plate 2.0 tdi (140) with 17k on the clock and it's been OK, no more mpg than my last 2 A4 avants. As for spec that is absolutely personal choice.

    I get mine serviced and looked after by APS in Brackley and they have some interesting things to say about the 170. Needless to say its not on my shopping list.
  10. danA3T

    danA3T Member

    Thanks for the words of advice - 40mpg still sounds pretty good compared to the 29 i'm getting from my 1.8TS (no comments on the way I drive, thank you!)

    The TDI 140 sounds safer than the 170 from what you guys say, I'm guessing it's the same engine setup with remapped ECU??

    Anyone know which models/what age they started fitting double-DIN audio systems as standard in case i decide to upgrade to RNS-E ?
  11. Covenant

    Covenant Member

    If you are looking to the TDi 140 then drive one first before you buy. They are a lot different from the 170 or the petrol.

    I'm loving the 2.0T FSi, but seeing as it's 200bhp I'd check insurance before you think of going that route, and none of the other petrol engines are worth having apart from the 3.2.

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