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A3 8P 2007 - Witson W2-A7012 Android 4.2 - Head Unit Install Success

Allroader Jul 2, 2014

  1. Allroader

    Allroader Audi 3.0 V6 TDIs every time

    Having just completed the installation after web forum assistance, I thought I'd share the experience.

    Here's the 'after' pic

    View attachment 36012

    The unit was bought off eBay from a UK based firm, primarily for UK based support, which proved very useful in getting email support to my numerous questions. eBay link to current listing - AUTORADIO DVD/GPS/NAVI/IPOD/BLUETOOTH/RADIO/USB/SD/ANDROID 4.2.2 Player AUDI A3 | eBay

    This was chosen due to: android o/s, 1.6GHz, 8gb onboard flash memory, two micro SD slots, hidden front USB and rear USB and iPod on extension leads in glovebox. Plus usual multimedia spec.

    Key factor was compatibility with CoPilot GPS as I already bought the app/maps.

    The unit replaced a Concert II single CD Quadlock twin Fakra aerial, half amplified non BOSE rear speakers. Removal was easy.

    Fitting the Witson was a challenge overcome by the support from iceboxauto and this forum in particular.


    Nice box and packaging, but not for the model in the box. Fortunately, the unit I bought was in the 'old' box used.

    No installation instructions or aerial adapter, both supplied promptly by iceboxauto when queried.

    Bottom locking plate holes don't line up with the mechanism behind the fascia. Workaround in use, involving panel below. I not noticed, could have had unit stuck in dash.

    CoPilot not available via online unit access to Google Play but able to download on PC and install via USB.

    Quadlock connector supplied had no bottom white row of pins for rear speaker line out. Used Autoleads PC9-417 to rewire the supplied connector to reduce the connector overload and space issues behind unit. Rear speakers are fine but no ability to vary rear balance L+R. Autoleads line out converter levels a bit low for me so bought a variable Celsus LC2A to see if this can boost them a bit more, yet to fit.

    No dedicated remote wire for amp but power ant wire can be used for more than just the radio.

    Handbrake 'wire' just required grounding but had to ask iceboxauto.

    Not used rear camera or front cam input and haven't used the RCA outputs either.

    Now all resolved and very pleased with the performance. Not a simple plug and play option but also not the plug and pray experience it could have been. Bonus over factory options, no VCDS coding required.

    Thanks again to all the previous posts that helped resolve issues.
  2. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    Let's have a review then:
    How's the general performance? software fluid? SatNav quick? Does the colour match the switches or is it slightly off? Sound quality\power good? solid feel to the switches or cheap & nasty?

    spill it all. ;)
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  3. emznjav

    emznjav Member

    Does your factory sub work in the boot with this unit?
  4. Allroader

    Allroader Audi 3.0 V6 TDIs every time

    The unit fits in the dash pretty well, but I'm still perfecting the bottom retention method as there is a design flaw with the bottom plate not lining up with the fascia slots.

    Finish is compatible with Audi once dash has been cleaned. Not identical but as good as the high street aftermarket units. Night-time red a very close match.

    I haven't altered the stock home screens yet, but in no rush as they are perfectly usable if not the most attractive possible.

    The unit starts up from 'cold' android boot in around 20 secs, which is reasonable.

    It isn't wired to the accessory position via the supplied canbus adapter, so turns off with the ignition off. Unsure how start stop cars would be impacted.

    The eBay listing indicates this is not suitable for BOSE and I don't have a sub in the boot but there are RCA pre-outs for a sub as well as front and rear speakers. In all cases I'd email ICEBOXAUTO for detailed installation queries before buying.

    I've recorded a short video to demonstrate the response times, which I think are very good. I think the CoPilot GPS is one of the best out there but you can try it for free on appstore and google play Check the eBay listing for detailed screenshots.
    Video link to follow.

    Sound is on par/better than the stock Audi ConcertII with stock speakers.

    The only thing I'd change is the bottom locking slot locations
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  5. Allroader

    Allroader Audi 3.0 V6 TDIs every time

    Here's a brief demo video. I appear in reflection so I decided not to subject you to my voice as well. Focus is cr*p as well. Aleast the unit is responsive.

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  6. Allroader

    Allroader Audi 3.0 V6 TDIs every time

    Another video, in focus but with commentary and in bright sunshine with glare that isn't half as bad in reality.
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  7. Bra36

    Bra36 New Member

    Great write up and videos! I've been looking at replacing the my chorus in my 2010 A3. Just a couple of questions if I may. Can you still use the steering wheel functions? And have you lost or gained any info in the DIS?

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