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A3 8L TDi DIS Retrofit

Mr.P Jul 31, 2013

  1. Mr.P

    Mr.P New Member


    I have installed a DIS dash into my 2002MY Audi A3 8L TDi PD130 and has been coded by a dealer so it starts the car on all 3 keys.

    Previous dash part number was 8L0920950D > Which I changed to 8L0920980N (with the grey/white dials)

    I have Earthed the pins for the Washer Fluid/Bulb check warnings to the dash just behind the headlight switch, this turned the warnings off!

    Grey 32 Pin Plug on back of Dash Insert which I earthed:
    Pin 14 - Brake Light
    Pin 15 - Washer Fluid
    Pin 16 - Reverse/Sidelights

    Wiring for the Stalk:
    Pin 17 - Stalk control Left (wire colour- Green) -Connects to the black 6 pin plug on the Stalk (Pin 2)
    Pin 18 - Stalk control Right (wire colour- Blue) -Connects to the black 6 pin plug on the Stalk (Pin 1)
    Pin 17 - Stalk control Reset (wire colour- Grey) -Connects to the black 6 pin plug on the Stalk (Pin 4)

    The new dash works fine apart from the Radio does not turn on and off with the ignition neither will it illuminate with the sidelights/headlights but I can turn it on manually fine but with no button lighting. I believe this issue is to do with the CANBus wiring and the 20 pin Black Connector on the Concert 2 Radio.

    Looking at the wiring diagram I need to connect from the Grey 32 pin plug:
    Pin 5 > Pin 7 on the 20 pin plug on the radio (CAN high speed display (high +)
    Pin 6 > Pin 12 on the 20 pin plug on the radio (CAN high speed display (low -)

    My problem is that there are already wires in these 2 pin locations on the radio,
    Do I need to cut both wires and isolate the ones which are already installed and replace them with the wiring from the Grey 32 pin plug from the dash straight into the 20 pin connector?
    do I need to join into the factory wiring so my radio will come on with the ignition and light up with the sidelights?

    Also I am trying to find the correct location to install the passenger door open warning, I have tried to use the Brown 10 pin Connecter in the passenger footwell/a pillar at Pin 7 but for some strange reason with the passenger door shut the warning stays on and keeps the interior light on when it should be off. Im finding that there is a feed coming through the Grey 32 pin connector from pin 8 which needs to be connected pin 7 on the brown connector which I believe is back feeding somehow?

    Please someone help, I'm having a mare with this :/

  2. Mr.P

    Mr.P New Member

    Forgot to add,

    On the wiper stalk 6 pin connector you need to install a wire from pin 3 (earth) to pin 6 (earth - brown) or else your wiper DIS switches won't work without being earthed from pin 3 as ive found out :wacko:
  3. amicallef1991

    amicallef1991 Member

    MR P,

    Did you ever sort this out?

    I have the same issue with the Radio.

  4. Mr.P

    Mr.P New Member

    Hi, yes I got the issue fixed by plugging everything in, there are the 2 wires which have to be cut on the 20pin connector on the radio and joined onto the dash,

    Once this has been done you will need to code the dash to the radio by your local dealer as the radio will be confused as the signals it was receiving before the dis dash was installed have now changed and needs to be coded for the new dis dash infotainment can bus.
  5. snukis7

    snukis7 New Member


    Hello !

    Do you have dump eeprom file for 8L0920980N ?

    Best regards Martins
  6. Mr.P

    Mr.P New Member


    Sorry I do not have have the eeprom file for the DIS dash nor do I have the access to it.

    Few questions I have been asked so far:

    Can i ask where did you get the plug and the wires from?

    I sourced the wires from Audi themselves, You only need a DIS plug and around 6 wires to go into that one plug, The grey plug is 1J0972977G the contact wires are 000979009E
    (1wire=2 pins)

    When do all the wiring for the wiper stalk did you have to cut and tap cables or where the pins on the stalk already empty?

    The wires on the stalk will need to be installed but I used an old wiring loom I had from a 2000 Polo GTi so I don't have the part number for the wires needed to go into the plug for the stalk, the plug should be the same which you have fitted already on your non DIS stalk.
    If you can get the part number of the stalk plug and ring a dealer they should be able to tell you what contact wires you need to fit into the plug

    Are you finding that the passengers door warning is still not working or have you sorted that aswell?

    I recently sorted the door warning light, you will need to access the plugs on the A pillar underneath the glovebox on the passenger side, by using a multimeter find which wire gives you a 12v only when the door is open possibly pin 7 on the brown connector. Cut this wire after the plug to the car loom and insulate the bare wire so it doesn't set your car on fire and connect the DIS sensor wire which supplies you the 12v wire from the door loom.

    I did try to tap into the 12v feed without cutting the wire to the car loom, but this played havoc with the alarm and door sensors and the interior light stayed on as the 12v was constantly being fed to the loom from either the car or the DIS wire (so the DIS always showed the passenger door open)

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