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A3 8L Matte Grilles - click to see all

gazzmc Jul 14, 2012

  1. gazzmc

    gazzmc New Member

    Breaking my A3 8L due to a gearbox / diff failure.

    Bought 2 aftermarket ebay grilles when I first got my A3 as I didn't like the original chrome. After trying these aftermarket ones on I still didn't like them, so I decided to spray the original matte black. All 3 are for sale.

    The matte black original grille has a few stone chips in the paint, I'll respray it before I send it. The other two have never been used.

    PM or text 07742170734 and we can work out a price, I'm open to offers.

  2. andy 1.8t

    andy 1.8t Member

    Hi Gaz,Many thanks for the bits. Good luck with the rest of the stuff.Cheers.Andy

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