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a3 8L exhaust, gearbox/engine mount, anything u want rid of

Karl Mtech Moss Sep 16, 2012

  1. Karl Mtech Moss

    Karl Mtech Moss New Member

    Hi guys, im looking for anything you have laying about for my a3 1.8 8L, i swapped it for my nissan 200sx as the insurance was to steep, but sadly the audi is a right lemon.......but due to a new move, mortgage and a new baby i have next to no money but need the car in a road worthy state before MOT, i will pay postage or collect if not too far. Im in dorset so will travel 100 miles ish
    The problems on the car are as follows: Right lower ball joint, left CV joint, engine/gearbox mount, backbox, airbox has been drilled and sounds aweful, front discs and pads are shot to pieces.
    Any help would be greatfully apprieciated.

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