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A3 56 Plate 2.0 TDI Quattro 170 S-line - ADVICE / TUNING

samst Jun 22, 2010

  1. samst

    samst New Member

    Hi Lads im new here... any advice would be much apreciated!

    My engine light came up so I took the car into my local garage and asked them to test what was wrong. The report came up with 3 errors:

    1. 19558 Intake Manifold Flap Motor - V157 (no signal)
    2. 19557 Intake Manifold Flap Motor - V157 (open circuit/short to ground)
    3. 17075 Radiator Fan 1 (short to ground)

    I have been informed that the intake manifold flap motor must be replaced. Since this happened though I have done about 3000 miles and the car still drive fine. The total milage is 60,000.

    There are a few little problems but im not sure if they are related... The aircon switches off randomly and the coolent level slowely goes down. I have checked and replaced fuse 8 but this has not solved the problem.

    Any suggestions!?

    On another note... I am also looking to get the car remapped. I like to go fast... what should I be aiming for and will I have to sort the problems above before I can have the remap done.

    Cheers Lads...

  2. b19ctr

    b19ctr The King of Cannock

    The manifold flap is a common problem my mates had the same on his Passat TDI he paid £240 including labor for the new one and not had any issues since.

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