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A3 3dr 2.0 TDI (184ps) Sport - tuning

dazed&confused Nov 24, 2013

  1. dazed&confused

    dazed&confused New Member

    Hi all,

    In a few weeks I will be taking delivery of my new A3. I went for the 184ps 2.0 TDi motor as it seemed to have the right blend of performance and economy. :rockwoot: However, I know what I'm like, and 184ps won't be enough for long. So I'm looking at tuning options.

    I'm leasing the car, so can't risk invalidating the warranty, meaning I can't get a remap. So I'll be limited to a tuning box of some kind. I had one of these fitted to my old 330d and it transformed it! So am hoping for something similar. Obviously I'll be declaring it to my insurance.

    I just wanted to check though, that if the tuning box is removed, there is no way the dealer can prove it had been fitted? There aren't torque/power-recording sensors anywhere that they can check?

    Cheers, looking forward to the car now!


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