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  1. Yet more problems with my 2003 A3 Sport, this time the drivers seat mechanism. Lifting the lever tips the backrest but does not disengage the squab, pile of plastic bits on the rear floor mat. Local dealer says its not a common problem but keeps the replacement parts in stock... Anybody else had this problem ?

    Also just needed a new radiator, not what I expected after 2 years and 20K miles (Audi Assist very helpful).

    Great car, just keeps falling apart.
  2. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Active Member


    Hmmm not a common problem but parts in stock... Sound more fishy than Captain Birds Eye

  3. yeh my seat folded up but didnt slide forward ! twice it fecked up ! the 2nd time was the day after they sorted it !
  4. I've also had this twice now on the passenger seat.

    Also had the centre arm rest replace because the hinge unit started to come apart. Now the release catch to the armrest compartment cover has broke.
  5. stevethejambo

    stevethejambo Member

    My car is waiting to go into Audi to have the passenger seat fixed. What do they actually need to do to it? Any ideas?

    Its really annoying!
  6. nah dunno what it is, jsuit some spring or something underneath
  7. No surprise then that it's a common problem. Can we also conclude that the replacement part has not been improved therefore the problem will keep occurring ?
    I did ask what was involved in the repair on the basis that the warranty runs out in 9 months, but the answer was more woolly than the local sheep.

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