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A3 3.2Q vs TTmk2 3.2Q

onianbag Jul 10, 2007

  1. onianbag

    onianbag Member

    have had the new TT for a few days now and thought i'd post a few of my thoughts and comparisons with my outgoing (written off A3)

    here goes:
    04 plate A3 3.2Q DSG sport with rns-e/tv function, bose, 6cd
    56 plate TT 3.2Q STRONIC with cd sat nav, bluetooth phone prep, heated seats, cruise control

    a bit like comparing apples and oranges really, i still love the A3 shape but think it is starting to look ever so slightly dated - the S3 helps a little tho. the TT looks great - more aggressive and modern.

    both quality, not one better than the other, just different. TT might just edge it with slighly better textured plastics and inserts.

    i believe the 3.2 from the old shape TT and A3 was reworked and it shows - not a lot but definately more responsive. generally feels faster as the half a second faster 0-60 times suggest

    not had long enough to detect any differences in the programming of the dsg/stronic - may be slightly smoother but could be imagining it.

    think the tt is quite a bit lighter and the early mpg figures seem to be backing that up - average of 29 compared to 24.

    obviously the TT has less boot space and the back seats are just a shelf really

    this is where the TT pulls away! simply leagues better than the A3. much more snappy and planted and fun and engaging - much bigger difference than i expected. ride is smoother over broken roads too.

    heated seats (ok i spose) multi function steering wheel (bloody ace) bluetooth phone (ditto) cruise (not sure if i'll ever use it) cd nav (not as good as the rnse obviously. may need to chase down craigyb for a retro fit.....

    thats it for now!
  2. .:R2theT

    .:R2theT Dreaming of Boost

    I don't think the sportback looks dated. But that is all we get over here.

    I know the MK2 TT is the new big thing. But I wonder how long it is just like the first TT, new Bug and Mini...driven by old women. It's uncanny, everytime I see a TT it is a 180 HP and driven by some old lady.

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