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A3 3.2 V6 Traction Control Permanently off!!!

bigdog_olly Mar 21, 2009

  1. bigdog_olly

    bigdog_olly New Member

    Hi All

    quick technical question for ya...I got in my A3 the other morning and my traction control light was on and when i pressed the button to turn the traction back on it wouldn't do anything...later on in the day i went to put some juice in (quite frequent with the 3.2 lol) and the traction had decided to come back on and turn the light out...Got back in the car today and the light is back on with no traction control...I have had my friend put it on Vag com and it says something about there being a fault with the awd system???
    :wtf: :scared2:

    since speaking to Awesome GTI they have said it could be the Haldex Controller for the rear diff and i could need a new one...Could anybody shed any light before i go n purchase one

    Your help is much appreciated
  2. edition

    edition Active Member


    If you use the search I have writtern abit on this as mine used to do it.

    Check the following items before spending lots of cash!

    Brake light sensor whci i think is around the brake pedal a cheap fix about £15 i think

    Also check the traction control button, i replaced mine and the issue seems to have disapeared. It did it about every other day and hasnt done it for about 2 months now :)

    Mine did not come up with a VagCom fault but if yours is get teh fault code and post it on here :)

    Hope that helps
  3. edition

    edition Active Member

    Oh and if it is the haldex controller why not get the uprated one while your at it :)

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