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A3 3.2 quattro sportback

securipower Apr 16, 2006

  1. securipower

    securipower New Member

    Any mod chips available on the market?
  2. MushroomMan

    MushroomMan Sucemabite

    I'd like an informed opinion on this as am thinking of trading in my company 02 S3 (revo with 270bhp; 312 lbs/ft) for a new A3 3.2 quattro sportback. Suspect the answer is limited performance improvement from the turboless engine and any mods would prove highly visible and expensive.

    Any thoughts?
  3. JaminBen

    JaminBen Member

    I had mine remapped at 7,000 miles and it is now at 50,000 miles.

    There was a 9% improvement in Hp and Tq, across the rev range. The engine definitely redlines more agressively, though 9% is not a big difference to notice. Nothing like turning up the boost on a turbo car.

    During the remapping, throttle sensitivity can also be altered. This can be either "fun" or "annoying", depending on what your tastes are.

    Is it worth the money? That's question only you can answer. For me, and the miles I put on the car, it was money well spent.

    Beyond a simple remap, there are camshafts that can be fitted, along with high-flow cats. Suspersprint are about to release a full system, including tubular exhaust manifolds. These alone won't do much, but in conjunction with cams woukld most likely yield a total of circa 290hp. That said, all this already has you near super-or-turbo-charger territory.

    As far as turbos go, Jon Watts at vag-tech will fit an HGP/HPA system to your A3. Horribly expensive in my eyes, but top-quality stuff. 400hp is the starting point.

    VF-Engineering have been long in the development of a centrifugal, air to water intercooled kit for our A3s. This should come in around 5,000 pounds for 360hp, and a like-stock linear power delivery. Don't count on the kit being ready before 2007.

    So basically, if you're mod-hungry, and if it's not too late, get a 2.0T. There already are large-turbo kits etc for that engine, and there are bound to be more. BUT, if like me you love the VR6, and are adamant about having LOTS of hp, start looking into an HGP/HPA turbo by vag-tech, or an Eip turbo by VR6 Specialists in Holland.

    I have been looking into this for over a year, have lots of info. If you need more, feel free to pm me.


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