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A3 3.2 or Jag XJR??

scott_johnson Apr 24, 2012

  1. scott_johnson

    scott_johnson Audiless

    Hey all!

    Im after a new motor and would either like a 3.2 V6 quattro sport, or the supercharged barge.. 2 Very different cars.

    My question is:

    How reliable is the A3? Any major problems with the V6? Are the DSG boxes worth it?

    Ive had a Jag S Type R so no the XJR would be epic.. The V6 being the cheaper more practical option, the Jag being a power crazy option..

    PS the jag in question is Paramount stage 2 and has 480bhp (1650kg) :)

  2. Brodster

    Brodster Well-Known Member Team Ibis VCDS Map User Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I had a British Racing Green Jag XJR......but only for about a month until I realised that the 4.2 supercharged engine was gonna get me in serious trouble.
    For comfort go with the Jag - massive amounts of power though and very fast in a straight line. For overall reliability I would go for the Audi - fast, fun and cheaper to run and fix if anything goes wrong.
  3. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    and DSG is a must...
  4. pioneer181

    pioneer181 Torque talks

    I'd have the Jag, just because you can
  5. Qua3ttro

    Qua3ttro Member

  6. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    both of the cars are weak on petrol so pick the faster jag and enjoy it rather than feel disappointed after making the wrong decision
  7. 3265colin

    3265colin Member

    Hi, my last car was a Paramount Performance XJR! the one your looking at is not a black one by any chance?

    mind blowing performance but only in a straight line, kick down at 80 and it would wheel spin! my 3.2 would easily lose it round the country lanes.
    the supercharger whine was awesome very Mad Max! It would easily keep up or beat most supercars whilst still carrying 5 in relative comfort.

    In real world driving I was lucky to get 17mpg, and when pressing on single figures. so the Audi is frugal by comparison, and still nearly as quick as a standard XJR.
    So far the Audi has been more unreliable then the 2 XJR's I have had CV joint, wheel bearing, silly electrical gremlins, and now the AC is playing up!

    where as the last XJR only had one wheel bearing go and that was from a giant pothole, and the throttle body replaced for free by Jaguar after 13 years and 130k+ miles (it some how missed a recall) in the seven years I owned it never replaced a single bulb or the battery.

    The jag for such a large car is not very big inside **** boot size/shape, unless the XJR your looking at is the new shape from 2002 onwards?
    Audi much more practical, surprising what you can get in with the seats folded.

    I miss the Jag, as Jeremy Clarkson said just saying the name when someone asks what do you drive "A Jaaaag"
    But the Audi is so much more enjoyable to drive in the wet with the 4 wheel drive, and forget the XJR in the snow, I live halfway up a hill and have a very slight incline on my drive. The XJR wouldn't even get off the drive never mind up the hill, the Audi just strolled up the hill in the last snow we had without a hitch with ordinary tyres (Falken 452)

    I choose my 3.2 because for peace of mind it had the timing chains done, which was a worry when I was checking forums before buying. But I think after mid 2005 they are OK, but watch the date of newer ones because after 23 March 2006 you pay £460 car tax mind you before that date it is now £270.

    I would defiantly try a DSG 3.2 it suits the engine perfectly, I have just come back from London where I just put it in D and forget it and when I got to the country lanes put it in manual and play with the flappy paddles.

    The other option which I did think about was a A8 best of both worlds? but I dismissed that, as the same reasons as to why I did not get another XJR if something big went wrong it would bankrupt me, parking up London a nightmare, and not a hatchback, can't put the dog in the boot he would not like it!
  8. scott_johnson

    scott_johnson Audiless

    Thanks for your input guys..

    The Jag is indeed black (2003 X350 shape)

    I got decent fuel figures out of the S Type R so the XJR being 150kg lighter im sure would be fine :)

    Im deffinately more swayed to the XJR although id save about 4k buying an A3..

    Decisions decisions!
  9. Sheikh

    Sheikh Member

    Audi S8 all day everyday.
  10. 3265colin

    3265colin Member

    Reason I asked as mine was written off in a hit a run! and would be surprised if it was back on the road.

    Mine was the first of the old shape V8, yes much better mpg from the aluminium X350 shape and miles bigger boot/interior.
    Now you have said its a Paramount X350 XJR I would definitely go for the Jag.

    Thats a cheap Paramount new shape XJR if its only 4k dearer then an A3, have you a link out of interest.
  11. scott_johnson

    scott_johnson Audiless

    Guys!! Its been a while!

    So after 12 months of ownership of my XJR, I finally sold it in search of an interim car before my wedding next year (what has the world come to)!

    The Jag was epic in every sense and miss it already! Bloody mind blowing!


    I have a deposit on a 2005 55 plate A3 3.2 DSG, 68K, Full service history etc etc and am picking it up on Saturday all being well!

    Can anyone tell me if the timing chains were an issue on the later 2005 55 plates?

    Any thing else I should look out for when buying one??

  12. discostu49

    discostu49 Active Member

    I have a a3 3.2 love it ... As for the chain stretch yes any year up to 2009 can be affected I say 2009 as ice heard a r32 golf 2009 car had an issue but it is rare just get the blocks seen to when at the garage as they can measure if the chain has stretched

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