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A3 3.2 or E46 330Ci Sport?

paul_b May 21, 2007

  1. paul_b

    paul_b Member

    Has anyone driven both of these particular cars, if so in your opinion how do they stack up in terms of performance, handling, braking, steering etc?

    For the record I've only tried a 328Ci before (OK but a bit disappointing), and the A3 3.2 I tried was a DSG Sportback which I hated.
    I've yet to try a manual one (and I'd be interested in a 3 door S-Line), DSG clouded the whole test drive for me so I couldn't form a valid opinion on the rest of the car.

    I have had a good blast in the new S3 and absolutely loved it, but way out of budget. Ditto the Mk5 R32, another great car.

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