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A3 3.2 error codes

simonk Nov 14, 2010

  1. simonk

    simonk New Member

    Hi, I have a 3.2 A3 :yum:, the engine light has come on the dash :(, & I have the following error codes:

    2197 Stuck lean, Bank 2 sensor 1
    2179 Too lean off idle
    and 2415 O2 Sensor Exhaust Sample Error Bank 2 Sensor 1

    I have replaced the coil packs & plugs which got rid of the misfire, but the dash light is still on & bad mpg.

    Is this pointing to the pre-cat O2 sensor. I can see 2 of them, one on each exhaust, if so which one is Bank 2.

    Many thanks


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