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A3 3.2 2004 Haldex Control Unit

RC A3 3.2 2004 Mar 17, 2013

  1. RC A3 3.2 2004

    RC A3 3.2 2004 New Member

    Have just joined after buying a 2004 A3 3.2 quattro sport.
    Great car but have had a problem with the ESP/traction warning light come on. Took it to a specialist who says I need a new haldex control unit.
    Can anyone help with advice / how to get hold of one that doesn't cost the earth?
    Is is the 8P Gen2 version that I need?
    Can i fit a second hand one from another car of similar or newer age (heard that older models are not compatible due to software issues) are the petrol and diesel versions interchangable.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    If you have one for sale, I would be interested.

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