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A3 2008/9 2.0 or 3.2 Quattro petrol. Possible purchase-Questions.

Brian L Jul 16, 2012

  1. Brian L

    Brian L New Member

    Good morning all, my first post and I don't own an Audi ... yet.
    I am looking to find a replacement for my JDM Subaru Forester (220/240 bhp, awd, bullet proof autobox, owned 12 yrs and a smile every time the right foot hits the pedal !) . Time for a change.
    Looking at the A3, 2.0 or 3.2 turbo engine, petrol, 5 door sportback and quattro system, 2008/9 yr.
    So lots of questions I'm afraid and hoping to get some answers and honest opinions please.
    1. I believe that there was a model change in 2008, what are the dead-giveaway signs that the car is the later, updated model ?
    2. 5 door Sport or S-line suspension - is there a difference or not ? I believe the sport has 17" wheels and the S-line has 18" but is the suspension setting the same ? Have read that the S-line is very jiggly over B-roads and bumps, uncomfortable even. Is the sport the same?
    3. Is the 3.2 engine carried on into the 2008/9 year or not ?
    4. I believe that the 2.0 TFSI makes around 200bhp, what are the options for a gentle remap to up this and add to the required 'smile factor' and roughly what is the cost for a remap ? ( Forester is about £550 and + ).
    5 The Quattro system.. fwd in normal dry but if the wheels slip then the rears engage. yes ? What are the cars like in a bad weather winter ?( Forester is good).
    I think that's it for the moment but if anyone would like to add any comment then please feel free to do so.

    Many thanks.

    Brian L
  2. Jason-3.2

    Jason-3.2 Member

    I have a 3.2 quattro and find the handling terrible! This is comparing to the new shape Focus st 225 and an Escort Cosworth small turbo model that I have owned. The 3.2 is an understeering beast!! I'm hoping that when the cheap tyres fitted by the dealer wear out and I replace them with a quaility brand things will improve. Traction in a straight line is superb and performance is good for a N/a car, mines in for a custom map this weekend and i've been promised good things!

    I have an s-line and commute into London daily, I don't find it jiggly, in fact I believe its the most comfortable car i've owned.

    The sound from the v6 is lovely and it's so smooth, i don't think i'd go back to a 4 pot ever again.

    The 2.0 will be better fuel wise and most likely performance wise once mapped, I average 300 miles to a tank.

    Oh I forgot welcome to the site!

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