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A3 2007 8P0 DIS Retrofit

Kotty69 May 20, 2012

  1. Kotty69

    Kotty69 Overtaking and smoking you out

    I'm a noob from Leicester and really want to mod my A3 to have DIS. My A3 is a 2007 170 TDI sportback with standard trim. I have purchased what I believe to be the correct DIS cluster and DIS stalk off of Ebay. The cluster is new so Milage can be programmed. I don't even get the temperate on the current basic display, just clock and millage. Just need to know:
    Will I be missing vital sensors, like temperature etc because it is the standard trim?
    What are the processes needed to fit?
    Any other parts I will need?
    Roughly how much it will cost?


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