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A3 2004 with basic settings issue

Scholey3 Oct 19, 2012

  1. Scholey3

    Scholey3 New Member

    Hello just wondering if someone can give me abit of advice....

    Recently my rev guage stopped working so i though oh easy fix orderd a used set off ebay.....

    Big mistake all the faults from the new clocks transfered onto my car... to cut a long story short i have fixed all the problems apart from my ESP light is contantly on... had my car plugged into VAGCOM and came up with the basic setting but not a clue how to have them programmed in or to set them

    The faults are :....
    00810 1/2 for Brake Pressure, 005 - No or incorrect basic setting
    00778 Steering angle sensor (G85) 005 - No basic setting
    01423 Lateral Acceleration Sensor (G200) No basic setting

    Iv got a picture of the 3 faults what came up on VAGCOM will try and upload that... any information or guides would be brilliant

    Thanks again Scholey.

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