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A3 2004 Removing Door panel help. Please see PHOTO attached

Discussion in 'A3/S3/Sportback (8P Chassis)' started by Pom, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Pom

    Pom New Member

    Jan 7, 2009
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    I'm trying to remove the drivers door panel. I have removed the plastic trim and I can only one screw there (see photo). another screw I can see is at the bottom of the door panel (see photo). So I can only see 2 so far but are there anymore I should take out?

    And after then do I need to LIFT the whole panel? or SLIDE it? or PULL it? Any tips would be great.

    Go here for photos: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/3366340/1/A3?h=113319

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  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator
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    Jun 10, 2003
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    can't view you pics but there are 3 Torx screws that hold the panel on, 2 main ones behind the trim and the one at the bottom:

    With all 3 removed the doorcard just unclips, with a bit of brute force, here are the locations of the clips:

    Remember it will still be attached by the door release cable and the wiring loom. To disconnect the loom press the little tab under the pink lever, pull the lever down and the connector will pop out.

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