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A3 2004 conversion to S3 look,need help

Diablo_A3 Apr 4, 2014

  1. Diablo_A3

    Diablo_A3 New Member

    So, hey,
    i have an A3 8P1, and i've been lookin for an S3 but it's really hard to find one here ( Lebanon ) and the ones i found are wayyy too expensive, so i'm thinkin about converting my car's look to the 2006 S3's sexy look..i did some research and obviously i have to change my front bumper, front grill, back bumper, and add sideskirts, but do i have to change the headlights?or the fenders? I'll change the headlights but not now, so will the original headlights fit the S3's bumper and grill? And do anyone have a full S3 kit that could be shipped to Lebanon?
    Thank you for the help

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