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A3 (2001) 1.6 running on 3, blowing smoke .. fouling plugs?

dcskinx Feb 11, 2013

  1. dcskinx

    dcskinx New Member

    Hi just after some advice on my A3 Audi with the 1.6 AVU engine. When I first brought it I had a bit of a fan/overheating problem, I found the cause of overheating to be the electronic thermostat (thanks to this forum), so replaced this with a new one and whilst at it replaced the temp sensor.. This fixed the overheating problem. Took it for a drive, quickly realized it was running on 3 cylinders, put a new set of plugs in it and seemed to run well even though it blew quite a bit of smoke (black / grey) and spat out a big amount of what looks like black spray paint out of the exhaust.. And then started running on 3 cylinders again. Pulled the plugs out and they all looked very black. Plugged the VAG cable in and pulled the faults, which gave me misfires on 2 different cylinders, O2 sensor malfunction, and one to do with the EGR valve.. Actual codes listed below. The car puffs out a bit of smoke on first start, but runs on 3 and looks like its running very rich, puts out a lot of black smoke when revved.. My main question is, does anyone know what I should look at next? Should replacing the EGR and O2 sensor make much difference? Can I simply remove the EGR setup buy buying the blanks from eBay ? If worse comes to worse, can I replace a AVU engine with a AKL 1.6? Thanks for reading my first post, any help would be much appreciated..

    Fault codes are as follows;

    - 16685
    - 16514
    - 17811
    - 16514
    - 16514
    - 16686

    Also, here is a video of the 'black paint' type stuff that blows from exhaust

    A3 exhaust test - YouTube

    And another video of smoke blowing on first start up

    A3 test #1 - YouTube

  2. Spatula

    Spatula A4 B6

    Have you tried switching coil packs over? i.e. 1 with 2 and 3 with 4. Unplug battery for 20mins and reconnect. Run car and take another VAG reading. See if misfires have changed cylinders. If so, replace coil packs.
  3. Vex182

    Vex182 Guess what I drive...

    I think your engine uses ht leads? Have you checked them for damage?

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