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A3 2.0TDi battery removal

alieny Apr 14, 2008

  1. alieny

    alieny New Member

    So, the A3 2.0 TDi (53 plate) is parked behind $neighbours Jag.

    Said Jag is stolen.

    they used a zapper to drain the Jags battery (which is in the boot) and guess what it also took out :mad:

    I need to get the battery out and charge it with my Optimate setup (we're in an apartment) but I went down and tried to take it out and...

    Has anyone managed to get it out of the box it's in? Have googled and can't find any info as to how/where the bolts are that are holding the box in.:sob:

    the manual talks about 'special tools. WTF! all I want to do is take the battery out!


    you need a long socket extension - the bolt on the left of the battery casing - yes that one 10cm down is the one to release. Special tools my ass, just need one more bit in the toolkit :)

    the battery was toasted :-(

    a new one obtained and put in.

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