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A3 2.0t quattro sportback fuel injector no 1 faliure, please help!!

davey123 Feb 17, 2011

  1. davey123

    davey123 New Member

    Hi everyone, new to this forum, wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue I'm having with my 2005 2.0t . Started car the other day and noticed that the engine sounded a bit lumpy and there was a small peak in the idle revs every few seconds. Driving the car I noticed a decrease in power, it was not acellerating as it should be. it was also consuming more fuel than usual. Took it to an Audi specialist who hooked it up to vag-com, told me engine was misfiring on number 1 injector. he is going to replace injector at a cost of £460!!!! :scared2: If anyone in the know has anything useful to add I would be grateful!!!

    Car is completely standard with FSH and has done 36000 miles, well looked after and loved.
  2. akash_sky1

    akash_sky1 Active Member

    never heard of an injector failure on the petrol, unlucky, I would suggest try a specialist for cheaper alternative, or phone around diff Audi dealers

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