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a3 2.0 tfsi 8p sportback bumper question

barrybhoy Feb 20, 2010

  1. barrybhoy

    barrybhoy New Member

    be gentle it's my firs post

    sorry if this has been asked a million times but i cant seem to find the answers.

    i have a 54 plate a3 sportback 2.0 tfsi quattro sport that i wish to do up.

    i would like to know what s line or s3 bumper i can put on the front without changing the bonnet ?
    what year- years can i use as ill be buying of ebay and they all say 06 07 or 09 shape
    off all the bumper swaps i've seen it has been folk going from double grille to the single grille that i have
    as the sportbacks only came with the big single grille so they changed there bonnet to suit does this mean
    i would'nt need to change mine ?

    am i right in saying if i put a smoth sline bumper on the rear i could put the s3 diffuser on ?


    ps this is the bumper that is on my car just now if it helps

  2. scottie123

    scottie123 (●̮̮̃•̃) (●&#

    You wont have to fit a new bonnet. Yours is the right one.

    You can fit the s line bumper and it is a straight swap. But you will need new fogs as yours wont fit the s line grills

    You could also fit the s3 front bumper , but you would need a new crash bar or modify your existing, and again new foggers
  3. barrybhoy

    barrybhoy New Member

    can i use my grille with an s line bumper ? i know i need an s3 grille if i use the s3 bumper. also would i need to modify my crash bar for an s line bumper ?


  4. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    yes the grille can be used in the s line bumper. The only odd one is the S3 one...as you have already know.

    S line bumper will be fine, you only need to mod your crash bar for S3 bumper.

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