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A3 2.0 TDI Turbo Charger, Under Boost issues

MSS3 Apr 13, 2012

  1. MSS3

    MSS3 New Member

    Hi All,
    I'm new on this forum and have a A3 2.0 TDI 2009 year Sportback with the common rail diesel engine.
    Whilst driving at higher speeds on the motorway for over a few miles my Glow plug light starts flashing,

    I've had the cat plugged in and have been given a error code of P0299 with message of TURBO UNDER BOOST, Permanent.
    Could any one please advise what I'm up against ? Some maybe Turbo others the Actuator and a few saying it could be the Turbo boost sensor?
    Are there any good specialists in or around the Birmingham area please?

    Cheers Manny,
  2. MSS3

    MSS3 New Member

    I've been informed that the Acutuator is faulty and that I need a new Turbo!
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Yes but CR was only on facelift cars, so I would be chatting to audi about some form of warranty given facelift was only late 08 onwards, I think you may have some case.
  4. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    I'd check all pipe work first as its quite common for boost leaks to occur at inter cooler joins etc...

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