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A3 2.0 FSI misfiring ?

Rogue Aug 23, 2007

  1. Rogue

    Rogue New Member

    Hi all, just had a report from the garage on my 03 plate A3 2.0 FSI which has been misfiring recently - it runs ok under throttle -(if a bit sluggish) but idles really badly (seems like the whole car is shaking but not as if it's going to stall). The emissions warning light is permanently on.

    The garage have said that the crank position sensor may be faulty or it may be something else requiring stripping down the motor - timing belt slipped or something :wtf:
    The guy on the phone says the reading was something like "timing position sensor reading not attained "
    The spark plugs are badly fouled too, he said. (No surprise that one).
    Has anyone any experience of this problem ? I don't want some spanner monkey delving deeply into my engine randomly..

    Thanks in advance for any assistance

  2. aZZ_kIkN_vELO

    aZZ_kIkN_vELO 4 rings are better than 1

    howsit bud, i have an 04 2.0 FSi with the same problem.

    my AUDI dealer changed the breather pipe and the shaking was 50% solved, at the moment they have ordered a new intake manifold head because 2 out of 4 of the cylinder intake flaps melted and were non existent.(all under FWP)

    try asking them to check that out also.

    i am waiting for the intake head to arrive and then we can see if it was the true cause as the shaking would disappear if that is the case.

  3. jisumfish

    jisumfish 4 Spring Duck Technique

    Which breather - where abouts on the engine?
  4. aZZ_kIkN_vELO

    aZZ_kIkN_vELO 4 rings are better than 1

    pipe that sits just below the manifold, just behind the grill.

    recently,. the part arived from Germany, the intake flaps and now the car has all four flaps, shakes have stopped.:w00t:
  5. stefanhenchoz

    stefanhenchoz New Member

    alright lads!!

    I have an 04 A3 2.0 FSI with the exact same problems. really lumpy, horrible tick over. to cut a long story short its been going on for a long time and many parts (inc MAF sensor and CRANK position sensor) have been replaced. As i write this, it is currently sat at my local audi dealer getting the ECU replaced!! have been doing some research and apparently the FSi engine is notorious for this fault/problem but every single case there seems to be a different trigger. (shame that the part that caused the probs on mine had to be the most expenisve part to replace!)

    anyway let us know how you got on?!!
  6. crisis72rdh

    crisis72rdh New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have the exact same problem on my '05 A3 2.0 FSI. The problem started the day I drove it off the used lot and has been happening on and off for over a year now. The coil pack has been replace no less then 3 times, had the EGR valve replaced. Recently had a full service too. The problem goes away after they look at it then pops up a few weeks sometimes months later. Needless to say it’s just started happening again and I'm now out of warranty...

    Thinking of getting rid of it unless anyone of you have managed to have this successfully fixed?

    This is obviously a problem with this engine, surely Audi should have some sort of recall?

    Anyone still having this issue?

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