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A3 2.0 FSI - Loss of power problem

JonBarnes Oct 9, 2011

  1. JonBarnes

    JonBarnes New Member

    hi there

    sorry i put this in the 8L forum, but think my car is 8P, so apologies for repeat! excuse the newbie!

    don't know if anyone can advise or has had same problem, if so please do as i'm rather worried that this could be a major problem!!!

    basically, i was driving from london to hull last week and after around an hour and a half of motorway driving i experienced total loss of power. i was travelling at around 70 mph and lost all power for around 10 seconds and then the car would shudder slightly and the acceleration would kick back in again. i reduced my average speed to around 60 mph but this didn't seem to change anything and the car kept experiencing this loss of power intermittently for the remainder of the journey. as i got nearer to my destination the problem started happening more and more often and obviously became rather dangerous. it didn't seem to matter how fast i was going, what gear i was in, or how high/low the revs were.

    once i finally arrived at my destination i called my breakdown cover. after around an hour and a half of the car been turned off the breakdown guys turned up. checked the car over, did the usual checks and kept it running at high revs for a prolonged time, but sods law nothing happened and they said it seemed to running perfectly!!

    on my return trip the next day, once again the problem didn't rear its head until just under 2 hours into the trip, driving at around 55mph/60mph.

    each time the loss of power occurred it would last around 10 seconds and i would regain acceleration/power. however if i put the car into neutral during this period the engine would essentially stall and i would have to pull over come to a complete stop and then restart the engine. if i left it in gear it would finally kick back in.

    has anyone had this problem at all?

    i have an AUDI A3 - 2.0 FSI (petrol) - 53 plate

    if it makes any difference i had the coil packs & spark plugs changed on the vehicle around 12 months ago as one of them failed and the whole engine was shuddering, but once these were replaced it was absolutely fine.

    appreciate any help you can give


  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    I take it the breakdown person ran a scan & found nothing?

    Im trying to remember if the early models had problems with the fuel pump. It does sound like its only happening when either the engine is hot or that the car has been running for a while. To me this would suggest an electrial rather than mechanical fault.

    Its had to tell without more information :-(
  3. sohail579

    sohail579 New Member


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