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A3 2.0 fsi engine timing

domg Dec 18, 2009

  1. domg

    domg New Member

    hello please bare with this thread i know its long but really need some help

    ok i have baught an A3 2.0 fsi sport non turbo its a 2004 axw engine

    when i got this car it was a non runner in the fact that it started up but sounded like the timinig was out poping back through the exhaust and struggled to tick over (i got the car very cheap)

    now my friend has tried to time the car up(he is a machanic) but is having trouble. He has said the cam on the chain side is timed up spot on but the cam on the belt side is out by 4 teath ( the car had really good compresion as he tested this first so nothing seems bent) now the cam on the chain is the one that looks to be out he has got it a tdc and has tried to wind the cam back to the timing marks but it will not go as it is trying to open the exhaust valves and there hitting the piston can any one think of why this would be. and he as asked is this the right way of timinig it up .

    another tail is i have spoken to the person how had the car before as there details were on the log book in the new keeper part and they said they were going to get the car but it had not had a timing belt on it so said it would need one before they took it so this lad got some one to do it but they messed up and it bent the valves so the person on the log book in the new keeper bit said they didnt have time to wait for the car to be fixed and left it the person how owned the car tried to fix the damage and got to the point where it would run but it would not tick over properly and poped back through the exhaust

    sorry for the essay of a thread but hope some one can help
  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    Could it be 360 degrees out? Doesnt the cam turn twice for every single turn of the crank?
  3. domg

    domg New Member

    no not sure but if it was 360 degrees out it would still be the same as it will have done a full rotation

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