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maui_matt Jun 7, 2010

  1. maui_matt

    maui_matt New Member

    Hi, everyone,

    Currently experiencing a no starting issue with my 54 plate Audi A3.
    Currently at work so cant post the fault codes found using VCDS (VAG-COM)
    But of the top of my head i can remember the main one that stood out was this one p0820 Selector Lever Emergency Operation.

    No other fault codes in the Engine Ecu or Gearbox Ecu (apart from the P0820)

    Now my questions are;

    #1 Would this cause the Flashing PRNDS on the instrument cluster?

    #2 Does the Engine ECU Need to know where the selector lever is before allowing the engine to start?

    #3 Is the selector lever defined as the one in the car (operated by hand)? or the input shaft on the DSG Gearbox?

    #4 Have I got a dead Mechatronics Unit? [​IMG]

    The car does crank over just not start!! Have poured over several different forums and seen various fixes!!

    Lift pump, Starter Motor, Ecu, Cam/ Crank Sensors, Wiring, Injectors, Relays, Fuses, to name just a few.

    The Mrs has a 2006 BKD SEAT Leon so can swap parts over to aid fault finding if neccessary.

    Would a deeper look into the Ecus using VCDS start to point me in the right direction if so any one experienced this and know where to start looking?

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this!!

  2. maui_matt

    maui_matt New Member

    Still having an issue but have cleared out the PRNDS Fault!!

    The PRNDS flashing was cured by changing the selector unit in the car only took an hour and cheaper than a mechatronics unit!!
    The reason i changed this was the fault code with the x - y function, is primarily part of the selector so 50/50 chance I went for that first and not a mech unit.

    Now the remaining issue I have is the car does start eventually but there is a remaining issue but i will post this in a separate title!!

    Hope if anyone else see's this fault code it will give you something to think about before condemning the mechatronics unit!!


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