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A3 1999 knocking front end and caliper question

Munch Jul 28, 2012

  1. Munch

    Munch Member

    Hey all,

    Have had my a3 for about 6 weeks now and loving every minute of it....when I can get it back off the missus that is.

    Since I've had it, there has been a persistent knocking sound from the front end, it's only there when I go over bumps/pot holes/speed bumps etc and it's starting to bother me.
    Ive ordered some super pro poly bushes for the inner of the anti roll bar as that's what I first suspected. But after having a search on here, it's possible it may be my drop links.
    The car has covered 137k miles now and I have no receipts to say that these have been changed.
    I did get underneath it today and upon grabbing hold of the passenger one, I can get it to move slightly and it makes a quiter, yet similar knocking sound.

    My question is, with the car still being on standard shocks and springs, would I be able to replace the drop links with the jom adjustable ones?

    I will be buying coilies for it before the end of the year, but for now it will be staying as is.

    Question 2

    Again since owning it, I've had to top the brake fluid up twice. Again, I've not got any receipts or service history to say the fluid has been flushed through since it was made.
    But when I was under it undoing the sump plug, I noticed the inner of the drivers rear wheel was damp, seeing all the hot weather we had, thought it a bit odd.
    So jacked the rear up to find there is brake fluid coming from the caliper area. I'll admit I haven't had a proper look, but when pressure is applied to the pedal, I get a small drip.
    As I said, I've only had to top it up twice in 6 weeks, so not a huge loss, but a loss none the less.
    I will obviously be replacing the discs and pads after the problem is sorted.
    But am wondering if anyone else has seen this before?

    If its the hose leaking, I will replace with braided lines.

    Sorry for droning on
    Many thanks in advance

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