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A3 1.9 tdi strange clutch problems

mattysupra Mar 26, 2011

  1. mattysupra

    mattysupra Big BHP!

    Dont know what it is with my Audi's at the moment, they are all playing up ith daft faults!

    Right, my U.k Audi (1.9tdi) is doing some strange things. (if that coment has confused a few of you, i have another Audi in tenerife that i also have issues with at the moment)

    1st- clutch pedal got stuck to the floor. I pulled it back up and been fine since. (no it was not trapped by anything i could see)

    2nd- week later when stationary you could feel like a 'scratching' vibration coming through the pedal. This has now disapeared. Only felt it while stationary, felt like i was having a foot massage with a comb!

    3rd- today i could feel heavy vibration through the clutch pedal.It was weird, one minute it was there and then it would go. 2 mins later it was back, felt like i had my foot on the engine, felt all the vibrations etc you would feel if you was stood on top of the engine! This was whilst driving along, foot just touching the clutch and when changing gear

    any ideas?
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2011
  2. A3-ALF

    A3-ALF Member

    Does sound really strange but my first guess would be clutch release bearing but saying that I would expect to be hearing noises with it if that was the problem. Sorry can't be of more help.


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