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a3 1.9 tdi few issues help will be greatly apreciated

mr-bongo Nov 2, 2013

  1. mr-bongo

    mr-bongo New Member

    hello everyone :) i have a 1.9tdi a3 54 plate and i have some running issues which i have tried to diagnose but would apreciate a second opinion, firstly i noticed it started to pour white smoke from the exhaust after a drive when i would come to a stop and was on idle i changed the oil as it looked thin and the problem dissapeared for a week or so but then reappeared ,basically i have noticed the oil becomming very thin and i beleive it to be diesel mixing with the fuel because th oil level is also increasing all the time, i am changing the oil every week while i sort the problem i have ordered a tandem pump and apropriate seals and gaskets and will fit when arrived

    also when running i took the oil cap off there is far too much pressure being blown out the oil fill cap i only did this for a few seconds at a time its also slightly smokey air thats being blown out i checked the breather it dosent seem to be blocked but i am going to fit a catch can and vent to atmosphere

    i also have bad starting issues takes 4-5 seconds and once in a while maybe 10-12 seconds its worse when hot, it also judders/lumpy on fairly hard accelleration mainly when under hard load such as up hills and low revs when trying to accelerate etc. again i beleive this may be due to the tandem pump

    also i noticed some wires were covered in insulation tape so i pulled the tape off to find wires twisted together which i think is the camshaft position sensor which is also being flagged up on my code reader along with boost pressure exceeded here are some pics as i am confused as to why they are mated up to different coloured wires when i disconnected the wires i tried to start the car and it started exactly the same made no difference, so im now thinking these are the wrong wires here are some pics of the wires


  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Ideally the wires need tracking & checking what they're for then fixing, then clear the errors & see what's come back, also venting the can to atmosphere iirc is illegal, it needs venting back to the intake system, not to air.

    If it has overboost errors this maybe a sign of turbo issues.

    Has it had any cambelt done recently or any work?

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