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A3 1.8t Quattro cutting out

spanner182 Dec 25, 2009

  1. spanner182

    spanner182 New Member

    Hi guys

    I've had my A3 for 2 years now and not ever had any problems to shout about until this week.
    It has just started stalling and running rough at low revs especially after first starting it. It also occasionaly drops off during driving, but feathering the throttle a bit makes it suddenly jump back to life and it roars off?
    I would mention that the engine management light has been on some time but has never effected the performance of the car. Plugging it in has brought up codes either about the coolant system or something to do with a pipe on the turbo? I would also point out in the last few months the temp gauge shows around 60 degrees and sometimes up to 90 but never over heats?
    I have been wondering if the coil packs are playing up as I know its a common problem, but I really don't know whare to begin?

  2. Sandip

    Sandip Well-Known Member Team Nogaro Blue

    Sounds like the temp sender
  3. spanner182

    spanner182 New Member

    Could this be the reason for cutting out or just for the engine running at 60 degrees?

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