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A3 1.8T Possible Limp Mode?

reptor245 May 21, 2009

  1. reptor245

    reptor245 Active Member

    hey guy, whilst driving my car to work this morning, i noticed there was a missfire. It did it for a few seconds then was ok for a few seconds. Then when flooring it over 3k rpm`s it miss fired badly in all gears. I let it cool down and then re-started it this afternoon and it was fine. Ive done a few searches and people say dirty maf, Coil packs and maybe Ignition amp. Ive cleaned maf conectors and ignition connections just to be on the safe side. ive also run it on Vag-Com with no faults. Any ideas if it went into limp mode and if so what are the symptoms of limp mode even when VAG-Com didnt store any faults.

    thanks in advance
  2. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    tried cleaning the Throttle Body?
  3. bantam1

    bantam1 Member

    In limp mode it would have no puff whatsoever.

    Could be a coil pack giving up the ghost which might not show up in VAG-COM till the prob develops. Other usual suspects - plugs, MAF, DV.

    Wouldn't throttle body produce lumpy / dipping idle?
  4. reptor245

    reptor245 Active Member

    Throttle body? not sure it would be that as it would do it all the time wouldnt it? it seems fine now. whats the best way to check if its a coil pack?

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