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A3 1.8T or S3?

sam4191 Jan 14, 2010

  1. emery1990

    emery1990 Active Member

    Shameless plug but im selling my car soon but think its a bit out of your budget though. On piston heads etc there going for 5500, which is the as roughly a year ago but more sensibly is what id be after. 52 plate with 68k miles. And the below. Plus side of having quattro is itll handle the extra power you want better. 250bhp on the front wheels would need some controlling.! Im in hampshire, going to get it fully polished up soon, going to look lovely :(
  2. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    to be fair emery shes been creeping back up to 6k but it defeats the object...... altho the mk6 140bhp golf diesel on an 05 plate with 80k...and GTI grill/alloys/seats looks very tempting :) @ 5500 ;)

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