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A3 1.8T Gearbox problems

M70RMY Feb 22, 2004

  1. M70RMY

    M70RMY New Member

    Has anyone had problems selecting 1st & 2nd gear when the car is cold? I have changed the oil in the gearbox for some high performance oil that is full of ptfe so i think it might be that, just wondered if anyone else had the same problem?
  2. Deat

    Deat New Member

    Have you had a recon gearbox fitted as they tend to do that in 1st and 2nd when cold as i have just had one done in my a3 last year i did speak to my dealership and they said a recon box will do that so i will have to put up with it but it seems to be getting better more i use it.

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