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A3 1.8T, FWD or AWD?

tom001 Feb 28, 2010

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  1. tom001

    tom001 New Member

    Bit of a newbie style question but someone has to ask it. lol.

    I am currently looking at getting an A3 1.8T but after having a look, finding a quattro within my price range with lower mileage is getting a bit tough. Looking at 4-5k max.

    An AWD system will be heavier than a FWD car, but are there any other benefits other than getting of the mark quick?

    0-60 is only 0.6 seconds quicker which is not all that from the AWD with 30bhp more.

    Any more advice on this would be great as I could be looking at getting on in the 4 weeks. :icon_thumright::w00t:
  2. LSL

    LSL Luke

    There have been a couple of threads on this recently, try having a search. The majority of people on here seem to prefer the quattro though.
    I got my '02 quattro with 80k on the clock for £4400, although it hadn't ever had a cambelt done, so you should hapily be able to get one for £4-5k
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