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A3 1.8T (2001) Shagged Suspension or NOT!

IndieA31.8T Jun 30, 2007

  1. IndieA31.8T

    IndieA31.8T New Member

    To ALL and EVERYONE!

    I have had my A3 for a few month now and I'm suprised how the suspension seems to have deteriorated so quick?

    It feels tht every bump, dip or crack in the road is a 5ft cavern! Sometimes feels like I'm driving on steel rims with flat tyre's.

    I have taken the car to a 'keick fit' stye garage who say there cant find anything wrong but it sure feels like there is.

    I some times hear air puffs from the front when going over speed bumps so think it could be the shocks?

    Any ideas??

  2. S3_Pricey

    S3_Pricey Member

    hi, have you noticed the ride getting worse over time, or so u think that it could have been this way all along? The A3 1.8Tsport ride is not that good at the best of times, but if you have put rims on with thinner tires then this would have made a noticable difference to the ride. I had the same when i put rims with 225/40/18 tires on. Dont know if this helps you at all:tumble:

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