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A3 1.8T 1999 Gear Selection Problem. In need of advice/help

shawshankuk Jan 9, 2007

  1. shawshankuk

    shawshankuk Glu Kru


    I was out n about driving :racer: the car with the bird as usual and all of a sudden I was unable to select 2nd & 4th Gear. I can still use 1st, 3rd, 5th & reverse which are all on the upward stroke but when pulling the gear stick back to select either 2nd or 4th it just wont go.

    There is no rattle, clonks or bad sounds coming from the car. Its sounds normal.

    When I try to select 2nd or 4th it feels very stiff and wont engage the gear and just pops back out. I have tried this with the engine swtiched off and its still the same. Thankfully I got home as I could still use the other gears but I need to get this fixed and fast.

    Anyone out there ever suffered from this or perhaps have an incline as to what might be wrong?

    All replies very much appreciated

    From a very worried A3 owner:sob:
  2. Madguitarist

    Madguitarist New Member

    Hmmm... shounds like the synchro to me....but I could be wrong....
  3. VAGMAN1

    VAGMAN1 Member

    clutch wear? mine is difficult on 1st and 4th and reverse and it's been diagnosed as early signs of clutch wear
  4. dan_a3

    dan_a3 Member

    Doesn't sound like clutch to me, if you can select all the other gears fine and the problem is the same with the enigne off. The fact that you can select all the upward gears fine but downwards gears you cant would make me think it is one of the linkages.
  5. KEF A3 20V T

    KEF A3 20V T Turbo's Rule

    could it be a stretched selector cable??
  6. simch

    simch Active Member

    Its probly the black plastic "fork" on the top of the earlier 5 speed boxes. They don't have the later style adjusters (self adjusters) on the cable ends (gbox end) and there is a like a ball connector on a strange black placcy lever that is bolted to the slector fork.
    Its all available forma dealer, I dont know part numbers, but it sounds like its cracked and is still partly working, as if the lever breaks you only get 3rd and fourth gears, no first or seocnd.

    You need to take look at ETKA and you will see the part, its called something weird IIRC. It can be fited on the driveway, you just need to take the airbox off and poss the battery out........but have a go. Its a bit weird to remove, you need to like unhook the lever from the gearbox, once you remove the bolts.
  7. edward_harris

    edward_harris s3 gone now a shiney red evo 6

    i had a a3 1.8se 1997, had the same problem, but i only got 1st 3rd and 5th, but miine only lasted a day then was fine the next day and stayed fine for the next 6 months then i sold it!
  8. Redhot006

    Redhot006 Standard A3 1.9 TDI 110bhp

    I can't get fifth and my gears crunch going into reverse and also from first to second, love some help too!
  9. btmotorsport

    btmotorsport Soon be christmas!!!!!!!!!!


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